Who we are

Riikka Pesämaa


We are the four women behind the brand

Our story began from the boutique Pikku-Riikka and its lovely customers that wanted clothes that we couldn’t find anywhere from the world. You know us women, we are so uncomfortable in clothes that are not us design-wise and doesn’t fit from the right spots. So, we have listened to our customers as well our own needs for unique style and needs for perfect pieces with good sizing. That is basically how it all started. 

Riikka and Riitta are the key persons on listening our customers needs, so feel free to give them your thoughts. Our lead designer and brand manager Henriikka H. is the one who makes the wishes into reality. And our online store expert, Henriikka, is the one processing your orders and is also part of the marketing team. 

So, here we are to make your life a bit more comfortable and stylish!



Design from Finland



Henriikka H.

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